Outreach Projects

It is important to me to engage with students and expand their awareness about STEM and technology innovation. It has been my experience that being present and having a willingness to share knowledge can change the scope of a child's future academic and career trajectory. It delights my heart when a student has their first "Aha! moment" and sparks a desire to learn more.

Instructor for Design Thinking Course

As the instructor for this course, I work with 8-12 grade students exploring technological design and innovation. I engage the students in design thinking concepts and challenge them to identify solvable problems in everyday life. As a class, we work collaboratively to design solutions with rapid prototyping techniques and iterative design processes and methods for gathering user feedback.


FIRST LEGO League is an international competition organized by FIRST for elementary and middle school students. Each year in August, FIRST LEGO League introduces a scientific and real-world challenge for teams to focus and research on. I have served as a coach and assistant coach to an all girls team in Oregon. The team was tasked with both a research and engineering component that follow different themes each year. I worked with the girls to identify their strengths and work as a team to complete each component in preparation for the end of season tournaments. 

Panelist and Workshop Facilitator

The Black Educational Achievement Movement (BEAM) works to interrupt the generational cycles of struggle for educational attainment and socioeconomic success for Black youth and adults in Oregon. Through this vision, the program  offers annual summits, individual and group trainings, collaborative workshops, integrated classes and seminars focused on positive identity development, high academic standard and professionals who are trained in the Common Core Standards. As a volunteer, I often serve as a workshop facilitator working with other engineers and scientists from Intel to create workshops that allow students to engage with new technologies and expose them to various careers in STEM. Many of the students do not have the opportunity to engage with professionals of color and so there are also panels and forums where the students are allowed to spend time with us and learn more about our roles and experiences. I speak and serve annually with this program to ensure that students are exposed to STEM and understand that they too can be and do anything they want with support and hard work. 


MentorNet offers three levels of investment in providing tailored virtual STEM mentoring for STEM students and STEM alumni. Each level offers MentorNet’s researched discussion topics designed to help STEM students from first year through Ph.D. persist and attain their degree. Through this program, I am able to mentor and engage with graduate and undergraduate students as they matriculate through their academic programs. I work with the students to understand their needs and goals and help them implement strategies to accomplish them. I use my experience and network to gather resources for personalized advising.